Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy Doubles Heart Defect Risk of Newborn

The research seems to eventually and ultimately find repercussions and side effects to our unborn, newborn, breastfeeding babes and young children with drugs initially purported to be safe.

Why not consider drugs “guilty” unless proven to be safe (there is enough evidence to show this is the case- what drug doesn’t come with a host of proven side effects….how can we know about the side effects, we don’t yet know about? Obviously, we can’t.)

The rampant fear and skepticism toward natural remedies (which have never been shown to cause irreparable damage or death) always amazes me.  How illogical- fearing something  with no evidence of it being dangerous, but feeling comfortable and trusting of medicine that has caused many unwanted side effects and even death on a regular basis!

When are we going to apply the same healthy skepticm towards conventional medicine, as is commonly held toward natural medicine?

This is not to make mothers feel bad if they are taking medication, so please don’t misconstrue it as such. The intention is to question the insanity of this!!

There are many natural treatments that work for all kinds of issues during the childbearing years and beyond…but your doctor is not going to inform you of them, nor approve of you for taking that route. As part of our journey in becoming a mother, we can embrace not only self responsibility in our births, but also self-responsibility in our health and our children’s health. Just as we become informed about our options in birth, we must become informed about all of our options in health by seeking them out! Woman, heal thyself!



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