Baby’s First Bacteria Depend on Birth Route

Since baby’s get “cultured” with human strains of microflora while being born through the vaginal canal (especially by ones that help digest milk), those who are born via c-section need special attention in re balancing their microflora because they are instead “cultured” by whatever is on the skin of those touching them including ” potentially nasty bacteria typically found on the skin and in hospitals, such as Staphylococcus and Acinetobacter”.

Breastfeeding is also essential to continue the establishment of good microflora balance. Babies who are born by c-section or who are not breastfed, need to be supplemented with probiotics made for infants including the bacteria “infantalis”.  This is in order to help them establish optimal bacterial balance, which is essential for their current and future digestive health and for their developing immune system.’s_first_bacteria_depend_on_birth_route


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