Welcome to the Natural Pregnancy and Birth Blog!

This blog is intended to be an engaging and empowering forum to revive the natural pregnancy, birth and mothering movement, as well as a database for all the great links that are being shared via social media (before they get lost in cyberspace!).

We are seeking like minded bloggers and weavers of resources who are also proponents of conscious and holistic pregnancy, physiological and undisturbed birth,  to co-create and compile this database with us. In return for your time in posting, commenting on and categorizing the great links that you find through Facebook etc., we offer you the space to post your best writing and a link back to your website or blog.

It is our  intention to offer engaging, progressive and sometimes even provocative conversation to expand your mind and heart to new possibilities in health, pregnancy, birth and mothering!  We offer you information about all the alternatives.  We don’t give you a “watered down” version of true informed consent, but we tell you the truth, as it is currently known from the physiological birth perspective!

We hope to inspire and encourage your confidence, as you continue on your path of self directed prenatal care and natural childbirth. Come here often to explore the possibilities in the natural, physiological and undisturbed birthing paradigm!

We welcome explorations in all birthing realms- from “home like” birth in the hospital to unassisted childbirth! Our definition of a FREEBIRTH is a woman feeling empowered to make any choice that feels right to her at any time in her birth journey.

We are supporters of physiological birthing in the hospital, at homebirths with Midwives and in  Unassisted Childbirth.

We offer this place as a sacred space, where we can all explore and celebrate both our uniquenesses and our similarities and universal experiences as integral members of womankind. We aim to help you expand your birthing visionquest and to explore pregnancy as a journey of self actualization. We encourage you to go deep and embrace the fullness of your embarkation into motherhood, whether this is your first child, or one of many children!

Please don’t hesitate to share your journey with us or ask us questions. As doulas, we know the medical paradigm and as Mothers we have both given birth in the care of Midwives. In addition, we have first hand experience giving birth unassisted, or  ”assisted by great spirit- the Midwife of all Creation”!

We intend to share with you from our heart as mothers, rather than as “experts”. Please feel free to share intimately, openly and honestly.

While we encourage lively conversation to learn and grow together, this is not a place of  debate for the purposes of making someone else wrong.  Communicating our differences with respect is essential and nothing less will be tolerated. In the spirit of consensus, we ask that all remain mindful of this intention and suspend our judgments and personal positions aiming instead toward that which serves the highest good of all!!

Sherry and Jen


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