Leaving Well Alone- A Natural Approach to the Third Stage of Labour by Dr. Sarah Buckley

“The medical approach to pregnancy and birth has become so ingrained in our culture, that we have forgotten the way of birth of our ancestors: a way that has ensured our survival as a species for millennia. In the rush to supposedly protect mothers and babies from misfortune and death, modern western obstetrics has neglected to pay its dues to the Goddess, to Mother Nature, whose complex and elegant systems of birth are interfered with on every level by this new approach, even as we admit our inability to understand or control these elemental forces.”



Does Undisturbed Birth Ensure that we will Experience an Instinctive Physiological Birth?

“As important as instincts are to our survival, our learned perceptions are more important, especially in light of the fact that they can over-ride genetically programmed instincts. Since perceptions direct gene activity and engage behavior, the learned perceptions we acquire are instrumental in “controlling” the physiologic and behavioral character of our lives. The sum of our instincts and learned perceptions collectively form the subconscious mind, which in turn, is the source of the “collective” voice that our cell’s “agreed” to follow.”  Dr. Bruce Lipton

This is why our course “Expect the Best When You are Expecting” Online Childbirth Classes, assists women to explore both their conscious and unconscious fears and limitations in birth, as much as we recommend birthing in awareness and birthing with responsibility (being able to respond from conscious awareness).

The place from which we birth, is as important as the place we choose to give birth in.


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